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‘Das Rheingold’ in London

“Christopher Maltman’s booming, tight-smiling Wotan is capable of feverish aggression; it is shocking but not surprising when he cuts off Alberich’s finger to take the ring.

Yet the tenderness with which Maltman embraces the fragile Erda, as the voice of the goddess is heard warning him to give up the ring, is just as indelible, and feels just as true.”

The New York Times

“Christopher Maltman is a Wotan of the very highest quality, his rounded baritone projecting enormous nobility as he contemplates Valhalla. We hear that nobility but we know that it’s false, because at every turn, he displays the character of an organised crime boss, his voice frequently turning savage to match.”


“Christopher Maltman, who made his name as a lieder singer, more recently moving into heavier roles, is now ripe for the part of Wotan, combining a focused, powerful tonal production with an alert response to the text.

The Evening Standard

“Christopher Maltman’s Wotan, smooth and mean, was a star turn. He negotiated the role’s psychological and vocal range admirably, lyrical and resplendent as he greeted the rainbow bridge and his fortress of Valhalla, built on the wages of sin.”

The Guardian

“… Wotan — sung with superb, suave power by Christopher Maltman …”

The Times

“Maltman, always vivid on stage, has the greater power and authority…”

Financial Times

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